On-shore Liaison

Many projects frequently benefit from the appointment of an Onshore Fisheries Liaison Officer.

As a result of the link with NFFO, the Company has access to a wide range of personnel within the fishing industry with local knowledge. Such knowledge is vital to the successful role of an Onshore Fisheries Liaison Officers irrespective of the type of project.

The role of the Onshore Fisheries Liaison Officers would be to keep local fishermen informed of ongoing work on major projects within the area. This allows local fishermen to understand the potential hazards and plan their fishing activities accordingly.

All liaison services recruited through NFFO Services Ltd. are coordinated by the Company’s Fisheries Liaison Coordinator who is experienced in all aspects of onshore coordination.

The liaison coordinator responsible for onshore coordination and liaison will generally be based in the NFFO office. More local coordinators can be appointed to meet the clients needs.

NFFO Services in house management is made up of highly experienced staff with an accumulation of more than 80 years knowledge of the fishing industry.

Fisheries Liaison onshore coordination involves:

  • Supporting and advising the FLO on any fisheries matters arising from the work.
  • Mobilising and demobilising offshore liaison personnel to meet client’s requirements
  • Mobilising and demobilising guard vessels or chase boats assigned to the project
  • Provision of replacements for long running projects.
  • Provision of reports on a daily or weekly basis as required by the client