Offshore Liaison

NFFO Services Ltd has a team of highly professional Offshore Fisheries Liaison Officers (FLO) with experience and expertise on hand to guide and advise offshore operations in order to prevent incidents and manage sensitive issues for offshore operations and the fishing industry.
Working with close links to NFFO they are able to form closer links with the wider fishing industry.

Each Fisheries Liaison Officer is certificated to the highest standards necessary to work offshore. Certification includes Sea Survival and Medicals applicable to the marine sector.

The role of the Fisheries Liaison Officer is to work in close association with the offshore client and the fishing industry to minimize the potential impact of the project on fishing activities in the area; The objective being to facilitate as far as possible an arrangement that is based upon co-existence.

They can also support the client to comply with JNCC requirements for cetacean monitoring.

For all offshore operations, there is the potential for disruption to one or both parties. By engaging a suitable fishing vessel as a Chase boat, through the main Federation it is seen as a positive move by operators.

Such arrangements are viewed more favourably by most local skippers by the fact that:

  • The client is helping to support their national representative body
  • Skippers generally co-operate more readily with one of their colleagues.

It provides an alternative means of income for a local vessel, easing the pressure on the skipper created by the potential disruption from the work.